When to Take Your Bird to the Vet: A Guide for Bird Owners

As a bird owner, it is important to know when your feathered friend needs to see a veterinarian. Birds have delicate respiratory systems and are very susceptible to illness. In addition, they often mask their symptoms, so it can be difficult to know when something is not right. This guide will discuss the signs that indicate it is time to take your bird to the vet. Changes in Behaviour and Appetite Read More 

How Your Vet Can Support You If Your Pet’s Overweight

Some pet owners shy away from taking their pets to the vet if they are overweight, but you don't need to try and tackle your pet's weight problem on your own. Vets are used to seeing pets with weight problems, and they understand that pets can gain weight for a variety of reasons. They would sooner help your pet get to a healthy weight than pass judgement on how they became overweight. Read More 

5 Signs Your Cat is Suffering from Osteoarthritis

Osteoarthritis involves degeneration and inflammation of the joints, and it can occur in cats just as it can in humans. It's relatively common among older cats, and it can be caused by anything from poor nutrition to genetics. This condition can cause significant discomfort, but most cats are unfortunately quite good at concealing their pain. As such, owners should familiarize themselves with the most common warning signs of osteoarthritis in cats so they can arrange a vet visit and start working on ways to ease the condition. Read More