4 Top Benefits of Professional Dog Grooming

Most people think dog grooming serves the sole purpose of making the animal look better. Therefore, pet owners feel that grooming is a luxury they can skip. However, the benefits of getting a professional to clean up your best furry friends go beyond making the pet attractive. Proper grooming can improve the overall health and well-being of the pet. Here are other benefits to expect from professional dog grooming.  Improved Hygiene and Smell Read More 

Why Book Your Puppy on a Rewards-Based Training Course?

If you want to book a puppy behaviour training class, then it's a good idea to look for rewards-based training. How does this kind of dog training work? What are its benefits? What Is Rewards-Based Puppy Training? Puppy training classes use various dog-training techniques. While some classes use dominant discipline techniques, rewards-based courses use positive motivation to teach dogs how to behave. Here, your puppy learns how to behave well by being rewarded for good behaviour. Read More 

Why Your Puppy Should Go to Puppy School

Getting a new puppy can be wonderful, but it can also be challenging. Puppy school classes exist to help you with your new puppy, teaching you essential training and communication skills. This guide explains why puppy school is a great idea for you and your dog. Set Your Puppy up for a Great Life It's possible to train a dog at any age, but it's much easier if you start when they're a puppy. Read More