Dog Kennels: A Buyer’s Guide

There are many reasons every dog owner should consider buying a kennel for their own furry companion. Not only is it a neat addition to your backyard that your dog will grow to love, but it also provides shelter for your pet, shielding it from the harsh sun during the summer months and cold winds and rain during winter. But just like when purchasing real estate for yourself, it's important for you to consider the options. Read More 

Health issues in rats

Rats can be a fantastic pet for families. Their relatively small size and high intelligence can make them an easy to manage and fun pet to add to your family. As with any pet they can have some health issues. Here are some symptoms to keep an eye out for, as well as some tips on how to treat these issues.  Head tilting Sometimes you may notice that your rat starts tilting their head dramatically to one side. Read More 

Tracheobronchitis - A Preventable Danger To Your Older Dog

Tracheobronchitis, commonly known as kennel cough, can affect any dog.  However, the disease is particularly dangerous for older dogs whose immune systems are not as efficient as they once were.  But what's so dangerous about kennel cough in older dogs and how can it be prevented? Kennel cough and older dogs Kennel cough is a highly infectious form of respiratory disease affecting dogs.  Older animals tend to have a less effective autoimmune system than their younger counterparts, making them less able to fight off the secondary effects of the disease, such as chest infections and pneumonia. Read More 

4 Ways to Stop Your Cat Waking You During the Night

Many cat owners like their cats to sleep in the same room as them, often in the bed. However, this can cause problems when your cat starts becoming your alarm clock – one that wakes you up whenever it likes. This can lead to sleep deprivation, and it's extremely frustrating to have to put up with. Luckily, you can follow these four tips to prevent it from happening. 1. Consider Another Cat Read More