4 Foods That Are Poisonous To Your Dog

It can be tempting to share some of your food with your canine buddy, but a number of foods are actually poisonous to your dog. Yes, it's hard to ignore their adorable begging routine, but it's best for their health if you feed them only food that's been specially formulated for dogs. Here's an overview of four poisonous foods and what they can do to your dog: Allium Vegetables Your dog only needs to eat a small quantity of food from the allium vegetable family to experience a chemical reaction that affects their gastrointestinal tract and red blood cells. Read More 

Treating a diabetic episode in your cat

If you have a cat with diabetes, you'll know how important it can be to keep an eye on your cat's blood sugar. If you find your cat in a suspected diabetic coma here are the steps to take. Rub some powdered sugar If your cat is fitting or stiff, the first step is to try and rub some icing sugar into their gums. Gently pull back the lips to reveal the gums and lightly rub some sugar in. Read More 

Understanding the Importance of Vaccinating Your Dog

Do you know how often your dog should be vaccinated and why? It's easy to put off a trip to the vet surgery for booster shots or lose track of your dog's vaccination schedule, but the illnesses these vaccinations protect your dog from can cause them severe pain and even take their life. Puppies should be vaccinated when they are 6-8 weeks old, with a follow-up vaccination being administered at 12 weeks old. Read More 

Understanding Constipation in Dogs

If your dog's bowel movements have become infrequent and their faeces appear dry or hard, they likely have constipation. It may not sound serious, but constipation can cause several troublesome complications such as dehydration, malnourishment and bowel obstruction as a result of faecal impaction, which can occur when your dog's rectum and large bowel gets clogged up over time. Here's what you need to know about constipation in dogs: Causes Read More 

How to Approach a Stray Cat for Its Safety

If you see a cat which might be a stray, you'll need to get close enough to either make friends with it so you can contact a rescue agency or check its identification collar. However, cats will run away if they become anxious, or could even become violent if they feel provoked. Here's how to approach a strange cat without either problem occurring. Don't Startle It Even the most affectionate cats will tend to bolt if they're alarmed, especially if they're caught outside of the home environment. Read More