Treating a diabetic episode in your cat

If you have a cat with diabetes, you'll know how important it can be to keep an eye on your cat's blood sugar. If you find your cat in a suspected diabetic coma here are the steps to take.

Rub some powdered sugar

If your cat is fitting or stiff, the first step is to try and rub some icing sugar into their gums. Gently pull back the lips to reveal the gums and lightly rub some sugar in. This can raise their blood sugar quickly, so be sure to take it easy as you give them sugar as you don't want them to quickly go too far in the opposite way with a sugar spike.

Drip some sugar solution in their mouth

As you cat regains some control of their body, try to drip a 10% sugar solution into their mouth, made with 1 gram of sugar to 10ml of water. This starts to get some more fluids into your cat, as many cats have vomiting or evacuations when they have a diabetic episode and may be a little dehydrated.

Comfort your cat with pats and affection

While it can be very scary to see you cat in this state, remember to comfort them with pats and normal affection. They are also feeling nervous and need some reassurance that you are in control and can help them get better.

Give access to food and water

If your cat seems recovered, give them free access to food and water. Keep an eye on them over this time as they may be unsteady on their feet and more likely to have accidents. It can be a great idea to keep them inside while they are still unwell.

Contact a 24 hours emergency veterinarian service

Even if your cat seems recovered it is sensible to contact a veterinarian service that offers 24-hour emergency care like Baldivis Veterinary Hospital Pty Ltd to get their blood sugar checked. They may need an adjustment to their insulin levels or a short stay in a cat hospital on a drip to get their sugar and fluid levels back to normal levels. By treating the episode seriously, you minimise the chance of an early relapse into a similar condition.

While a diabetic episode can be scary, these can usually be resolved relatively easily and your cat should be back to normal spirits within 24 hours. If your cat is diabetic, be sure to keep the number of an emergency animal hospital close at hand in case of emergencies.