Two reasons why it’s critical to get emergency help for your dog if they have a seizure

If your dog ever appears to have a seizure, wherein they twitch or shake profusely and seem to have no control over their body, you must not brush off this incident, even if it only lasted for a few seconds. Instead, you should call a veterinarian that handles vet emergency cases and get them to give your pet a thorough physical examination. Continue reading to get a better idea of why it's so vital to do this. Read More 

How to Succeed as a Start-Up Veterinary Dental Practice

If you have been practising veterinary dentistry for a while but you like the freedom that comes with self-employment, then you should start a private practice. A private practice gives you the opportunity to serve your clients directly and without restrictions. You should, however, understand that there is little room for mistakes if success is something you want. This write-up highlights ways of succeeding as a start-up veterinary dental practice. Read More