4 Ways to Stop Your Cat Waking You During the Night

Many cat owners like their cats to sleep in the same room as them, often in the bed. However, this can cause problems when your cat starts becoming your alarm clock – one that wakes you up whenever it likes. This can lead to sleep deprivation, and it's extremely frustrating to have to put up with. Luckily, you can follow these four tips to prevent it from happening.

1. Consider Another Cat

Sure, it might seem like doubling your home's feline population might not be the best way to solve the problem, but this is one time when fighting fire with fire can work out well. Cats might wake you up because they're hungry for an extra meal, but a lot of the time it's simply because they're bored.

Cats are nocturnal. They have adapted to hunt at night and playtime, as far as your cat is concerned, is practice-hunting. This means that they're genetically geared up for action just when you need to be getting some shut-eye. Having a cat-buddy in the house means that they have a partner in crime to mess around with while you're sleeping.

2. Play Hard Before Hitting the Hay

Maybe another cat won't work for you; that will certainly be the case for many people. If so, try to get your cat to expend as much energy as possible before you get into bed by making room for a good exercise session for your kitty.

This won't rewire them to sleep eight hours a night and stay up during the day, but it will allow them to better endure the time that you're asleep without nipping at your hand to wake you up. Twenty to thirty minutes of vigorous laser-catching or string-chasing will wear them out for the night ahead.

3. Get an Automatic Feeder

Cats prefer being fed by their humans, but that can become problematic during the night. Even the most well-exercised of cats might decide that it has been too long since their last meal, and they won't hesitate to wake you up if it means that their bowl will be full once again.

To prevent that from happening, try picking up an automatic feeder. These handy gadgets work just like normal bowls, but the food is either covered up under a small door or held in a container positioned just above the bowl itself. Owners just set a time, then the door will open or the food will be dispensed at that time. Set yours for whenever your cat tends to start interrupting your sleep for some food.

4. Don't Reward Bad Behaviour

The tips listed above should work great, but many cats will still wake you up from to time, especially when they are still getting used to the new arrangement.

The most crucial thing to do is put them outside the door and go back to sleep. Giving them the food or attention that they crave simply means that you've just rewarded bad behaviour, and that will only let that cat know that it works and is considered acceptable.

Cats can make a great addition to your household, and it sure is nice to wake up to a purring kitty – just as long as it isn't at three in the morning. Follow these tips to enjoy the best of both worlds. However, if your cat is waking you up at odd times or is acting strangely, consider a visit to the vet to ensure your cat is healthy. It could also be a great opportunity to ask for extra tips on keeping your cat occupied during the quiet nights.