Why Your Puppy Should Go to Puppy School

Getting a new puppy can be wonderful, but it can also be challenging. Puppy school classes exist to help you with your new puppy, teaching you essential training and communication skills. This guide explains why puppy school is a great idea for you and your dog.

Set Your Puppy up for a Great Life

It's possible to train a dog at any age, but it's much easier if you start when they're a puppy. Investing in puppy school is a great way to give your dog a good start to life, as well as a headstart on learning everything they need to know. It'll also give you a good opportunity to bond with your dog, setting you up for an excellent relationship in the future.

Learn More about Puppy Training

Researching puppy training yourself can be confusing, with many different opinions on the best ways to teach a dog to sit or walk well on the lead. However, a puppy training school will be able to teach you the best ways to teach common commands, as well as how to train your puppy as they grow. Your puppy will also learn to be handled and to remain calm around other dogs, and you'll be able to get feedback on your training cues. This makes puppy school the best way to start training your dog, as you'll see effective training methods in action.

Troubleshoot Challenging Behavior

Even the most adorable puppy might have challenging behaviours, whether that's struggling with toilet training, playfully biting or jumping up at visitors. It's also important to stop these behaviours while your dog is young, and puppy school is a great way to do that. You'll learn how to stop biting and jumping up, and will be able to ask your instructor for personalised advice on how to correct your dog in a way they'll connect with. Don't be afraid to ask questions about any specific issues you have.

Meet Other Puppies in Your Area

As Fetch by WebMD explains, socialisation is very important to puppies, as it will make your puppy more relaxed and well-behaved around other dogs, reducing the risk of dangerous incidents. At puppy school, your puppy will get to meet other puppies in a structured environment, getting used to socialising in a safe way. You will also meet other puppy owners in your area, giving you the chance to set up further socialisation opportunities such as group walks and playdates.

If you want to learn about puppy training, help your puppy make new friends, troubleshoot unwanted behaviours or simply prepare your new pet for a great life, enrolling in puppy school is sure to help you achieve your goals.

For more information on puppy school, contact a professional near you.