Common Reasons Why Your Dog May Need Surgery

A good number of people who have pets may consider themselves furry parents. Thus, it is unsurprising that you would want the best for your furry friend, providing them with the right care and ensuring that their health is in tiptop condition. Nonetheless, not many pet owners ever think that they might one day have to take their furry friend in for surgery. And if you do not know what signs to be on the lookout for, it is easy to overlook the seriousness of a condition, which causes your pet's health to deteriorate severely. Here are some common reasons why your dog may need to visit a vet surgery.

Benign skin growths

You may be unaware of this, but one of the most typical reasons why dogs require surgery is because of unexplained masses on their skin. Hence, it is critical for pet owners to carry out routine inspections of their dog's body to determine if there any masses growing. While most masses are considered benign, which means that they are not cancerous, it is still essential to have them removed so that they do not cause discomfort to your pet. Moreover, it is vital to have the masses looked at by a vet just in case it could end up being malignant as cancer should be caught as early as possible.

Dental problems

Another common health problem that dogs succumb to is dental issues. Keep in mind that dogs have a proclivity for gnawing and chewing a vast assortment of foreign matter as they explore their surroundings. So it is not atypical for some pets to develop tooth problems in the form of abscesses, gum disease, dental caries and more. The thing about dental problems in dogs is that by the time you do realise they are experiencing an issue, the deterioration will have become aggravated. The reason why is that not many pet owners will take the time to inspect their dog's teeth on a periodic basis. So if you notice that your pet has developed a sudden aversion to food or is continually patting their jaw, it may be best to take your dog for tooth extraction.

Damaged ACL

If you have a particularly rambunctious dog, they may become vulnerable to tearing an ACL. The ACL is essential to your dog's mobility as it is a ligament that functions to support its knee. So when your pet develops this, you will notice them having difficulty putting any weight on the affected foot. If an X-ray identifies this as the problem, your dog will have to go in for surgery.