3 Instances When You Should Rush Your Dog to an Emergency Vet

If you are a responsible pet parent, the last thing you want is to learn that your puppy's health is compromised or in danger. But, unfortunately, your pet may get injured or develop a serious health issue at some point in life. And although you may be unsure when your dog develops a health issue, it's important to act fast. When you notice that the dog has developed a life-threatening problem, look for an emergency vet for immediate help. Unfortunately, some pet parents can't tell when their pet's problem is an emergency. 

In case you are one of them, here are some instances when taking your dog to an emergency vet shouldn't be optional.

The Pet Is Hit by a Vehicle

Dogs are playful, and they usually get excited, especially when they are outdoors. For instance, if you went shopping with your puppy and a car accidentally hit it, you should consider it an emergency. Even though the pet might not show signs of serious and deep injuries, you should take it to a vet immediately to be examined. 

Sometimes, the dog will still try to walk after being hit, but this shouldn't mean its life isn't at risk. In most cases, the dog may not show signs of internal injuries such as bruised lungs or a ruptured spleen due to adrenaline shock. So when the pet is hit by a car, get someone to help you take it to a competent vet immediately instead of going home with it.

The Pet's Stomach Seem Bloated

Does the stomach of your pet appear distended or bloated? If yes, this should worry you because the dog could have some serious health problems. Whenever your dog develops a bloated stomach, you should act fast before the worst happens. A distended stomach is not the only sign that indicates the dog is bloated. You will also know the dog has developed the problem when it unsuccessfully attempts to vomit.

Excessive drooling or panting could also indicate the dog is bloated and that it needs urgent treatment. Don't give the dog any tablet or medicine because this might complicate the situation in a big way.

The Dog Is Bleeding Continuously

If your dog is bleeding continuously, take it to a reputable emergency vet. Most dogs bleed when a sharp object injures them or even when bitten by other dogs, especially when fighting. In this case, you should visit a vet immediately to assess if the wound is deep. The vet will also check whether the underlying tissues, blood vessels and muscles are injured. If the vet notices wounds, especially those from wood sticks and bites, they will treat them immediately to ensure the dog doesn't develop nasty abscesses.

Other pet problems that demand the attention of an emergency vet include troubled breathing, toxin or poison ingestion, inability to urinate, seizure episodes and eye injuries. Any of these health problems can threaten your pet's life. In this case, you should rush the pet to an emergency vet for treatment before the situation aggravates.