Why Your Dog’s Feet Also Needs Grooming

Your small dog likely needs grooming to keep his or her fur in good condition. However, many people don't realise that the paws also need attention. Not only do the nails need trimming, but the underside of the paws also need grooming. However, many dogs have sensitive feet, so professional grooming is a big help. Plus, a professional groomer or veterinarian is less likely to injure your pet's feet and more likely to notice problems. Continue reading to learn more about how grooming benefits your dog's feet.

Why Should One Groom a Dog's Paws?

Paw grooming has many benefits, especially for long-haired dogs. Here are some perks your dogs get when you groom this area.

  1. Less Matting. Long hair between the toes tends to pick up moisture that could cause uncomfortable and potentially painful mats.
  2. Less Dirt and Grime. Hair on the paws is more likely to become dirty. The fur in this area is notoriously difficult to clean.
  3. Less Slipping. Dogs with overgrown hair on the paws have less grip on slippery surfaces. Removing the hair exposes the pads that will help your dog's feet grip smooth surfaces.
  4. Less Chance of Infection. If your dog gets a cut on the foot, long dirty hair will likely contribute to infections.

When Should One Groom a Dog's Paws?

Not all dogs need extensive paw grooming. While all dogs can benefit from a nail trim, some dogs may need other services less often. Short-haired dogs often don't have long enough hair between the toes to cause a problem. You should trim your dog's hair between the toes if it extends beyond the footpads. How often you need to do this depends on your dog.

How Should Paw Grooming Go?

Grooming the bottom of the foot is mostly straightforward. First, the groomer or veterinarian brushes the hair around the toes to smooth out any mats that can cause problems. Then, he or she uses a combination of clippers and scissors to cut the hair between the toes. The groomer or veterinarian will also trim the hair around the toes on the top of the foot. The result is a clean, clipped look with healthy-looking pads.

When your groomer or veterinarian finishes the grooming job, your dog's feet should look nice and clean. Plus, as you head into the summer months, it will help keep your dog cooler. The paw pads are the only place where your dog sweats. Plus, paw grooming will help prevent problems and when you are out on the trail this summer. For more information, contact local pet grooming services.