A Dog Is For Life: How to Help Your Ageing Parent Keep Their Dog

As seniors age, many find it increasingly hard to look after themselves. When it comes to looking after a dog too, life can feel impossible for an ageing parent. Of course, most pet owners aren't willing to give up their beloved furry friend when caretaking becomes too difficult. Dogs also offer numerous benefits for the elderly, providing them with comfort, social contact and stress relief. So, if your parent wants to keep their dog but they're struggling, what can you do? Read More 

Rabbit Care: Understanding The Causes Of Itching In Rabbits

If your rabbit develops itchy skin anywhere on their body, it's important to establish the underlying cause. Itching indicates inflammation in the dermal layers of your rabbit's skin, and if left untreated, your rabbit could develop a skin infection. Additionally, their secretory glands could be damaged as a result of sustained irritation, which could disrupt the production of oil that keeps your rabbit's skin and fur healthy. In addition to frequent scratching, your rabbit may lick or bite the area of skin that's itchy, and the skin may appear swollen or inflamed. Read More 

Hay Fever in Dogs: A Guide

If you are a hay fever sufferer, you will understand just how difficult the warmer months of the year can be when the pollen count is high. Hay fever is caused when your body reacts to pollen spores which are carried on the air. However, hay fever doesn't just impact humans, it can also cause problems for your dog. Below is a guide which will help you to spot and treat the signs of hay fever in your dog. Read More 

Dog Kennels: A Buyer’s Guide

There are many reasons every dog owner should consider buying a kennel for their own furry companion. Not only is it a neat addition to your backyard that your dog will grow to love, but it also provides shelter for your pet, shielding it from the harsh sun during the summer months and cold winds and rain during winter. But just like when purchasing real estate for yourself, it's important for you to consider the options. Read More 

Health issues in rats

Rats can be a fantastic pet for families. Their relatively small size and high intelligence can make them an easy to manage and fun pet to add to your family. As with any pet they can have some health issues. Here are some symptoms to keep an eye out for, as well as some tips on how to treat these issues.  Head tilting Sometimes you may notice that your rat starts tilting their head dramatically to one side. Read More